Dean's Platform

Public Safety

With my law enforcement experience, I will work hard to ensure Colwood remains a safe  community to raise our families.  

Parks and Green Spaces

I will work hard to expand our parks and protect our green spaces so that children can play  safely in our community. 

Sustainable Development

I support long-term, sustainable development for Colwood and the region as we experience  future growth.  


I will seek more options for commuters and expanded transit for the people who live and work  in Colwood. Moving people in the Westshore is an increasing challenge and we must press  for solutions now. 

Outdoor Play Places

I will continue to support the expansion of our sports fields and recreational opportunities as  our community grows.  

Affordable Housing and Seniors Care

For a community to thrive, it requires affordable housing for all. Beyond just housing for young  families, Colwood and the Westshore needs expanded seniors care so they too can remain in  their community.  

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I would love to connect with you. 

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Colwood, British Columbia, Canada

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